Teaching Experience

        Taught a wide range of courses in Probability, Statistics and Mathematics. These include courses on Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Inference, Sampling Techniques, Order Statistics, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Probability, Stochastic Processes, Linear Algebra, Calculus, advanced seminar courses on weak convergence of measures on Metric Spaces with statistical applications to limit distribution theory, Directional data analysis, Statistical Decision Theory and Non parametric Statistics. Participated in the Curriculum and Program development and in the introduction of several Probability/Statistics courses and Degree programs at the Indiana University and at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Directed the Ph.D. Dissertations of:

At Indiana University, Bloomington:

  • Youngjoo Yoon (1976) "Some Nonparametric Tests for Circular Distributions and their Efficiencies". (Currently, Chief Actuary, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, Dallas)

At the University of California, Santa Barbara:

  • Morgan Kuo (1979), "On Goodness of Fit Tests Based on High Order Spacings", (Senior Scientist, ITT, Vandenburg AFB, CA)
  • Robin Schweitzer (1982), "On Tests for the Two Sample Problem Based on Higher Order Spacing-Frequencies",(Professor, Gordon College, MA)
  • Martin T. Wells (1987), "Some Contributions to the Theory of Goodness of Fit Testing", (Professor and Chair, Dept of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology, Cornell Univ.)
  • Xian Zhou (1988), "Goodness of Fit Tests Based on Spacings, Interpoint Distances and Near Neighbors", (Professor, Hong kong Polytechnic University, Hong kong.)
  • Jyoti Zalkikar (1988), "On Some Problems in Reliability Theory", (Mathematical Statistician, FDA)
  • Mohammad R. Kafai (1989), "Some nonparametric tests based on near matches", (Professor, San Francisco State Univ.)
  • Debasis Sengupta (1990), "Statistical Inference on discrete life-history data and some reliability problems", (Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta)
  • Xinyuan Wan (1990), "Inference for a Semiparametric Model", (Professor, Long Beach State College)
  • Ho-Jan Chang (1991), "Some optimal tests in directional data", (Professor, National Chung-Hsing Univ., Taiwan)
  • Subathra Ramanathan (1991), "Some aspects of inference for elliptical distributions", (Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Kentucky)
  • Wei Liu (1992), "On the sensitivity and stability of Posterior Quantities", (Senior Statistician, Amgen, Thousand Oaks).
  • Rajasri Machiraju (1994), "Some Contributions to Spatial Statistical Modelling", (Statistitian, Callaway Golf Co., SanDiego).
  • Eun-Soo Lee (1995), "Testing for Stochastic Dominance with some Applications to Reliability", (Deputy Director, Korean Statistical Office, Seoul).
  • Paul Palo (1997), "Analysis of Ocean Wave Fields using Harmonic Phase Tracking- a Parameter Estimation Technique", (Deputy Director, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, Point Mugu, CA).
  • Hokwon Cho (1997), "Sequential Estimation of the Number of Classes in a Multinomial Distribution", (Assistant Professor, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas).
  • Kaushik Ghosh (1997), "Some Contributions to Inference using Spacings", (Assistant Professor, George Washington Univ., Washington, DC).
  • Ulric Lund (1998), "Regression and Goodness of fit for Directional data ", ( Assistant Professor, CalPoly, San Louis Obispo, CA).
  • Chitsung Wang (1998), "Some Contributions to Testing Multimodality", (Associate Professor, Meiho College, Taiwan).
  • David Kim (1999), "Quantile Decomposition of a Density", (Assistant Professor, West Point Academy, NY).
  • Huaxin You (2002), "Classification and Feature Extraction methods with Applications to Image Database Retrieval", (Assistant Professor, Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando).
  • Anna Valeva (2002), "On the Bid-Ask spread in Asymmetric Information Models", (Asst. Prof., Western Illinois Univ.).
  • Mohit Dayal (2003), "Pricing Derivatives in Incomplete Markets", (Vice President, Credit Risk Group, Deutsche Bank, New York).
  • Xiaofang Lei (2006), “Bayes Nets: A Generalized Elimination Algorithm and Applications to Classification” University of California, Santa Barbara (Allergan Pharmaceuticals)
  • Michael J. Grebeck (2006), “Application of Stochastic Programming and Stable Distributions to Asset Liability Management” University of California, Santa Barbara (Researcher, Advertising.com).
  • Samuel J. Frame (2006), “Contributions to Semisupervised learning” University of California, Santa Barbara, (CalPoly, San Louis Obispo).
  • Anna Chernobai (2006), “Contributions to Modeling of Operational Risk in Buffer Capital, Heavy Tails, and Beyond,” University of California, Santa Barbara (Asst. Prof. Univ of Rochester).
  • Mohammad A. Siddiqi (2006), “Statistical Image and Functional Data Analysis,” University of California, (Senior Statistician, Glaxo Smith Kline, India)
  • Alexander Villacorta (2006), “Information Diffusion in Multimedia Environments,” University of California, Santa Barbara, (Clear Capital)
  • Deepali Paradkar (2006), “ Some Contributions to Inferential procedures in Mixture Models and Model based Clustering,” University of California, Santa Barbara. (Allergan Medical)
  • Naohisa Kaneda (2007) “Fitting Mixture Models from Kernel Estimators,” University of California, Santa Barbara, (Statistician, Japan)
  • Dezhong Wang (2007) “Pricing Tranches of a CDO and a CDS Index,” University of California, Santa Barbara, (Quantitative analyst, QuickSilver Trading)
  • Biliana Bagasheva (2007) "Bayesian methods in the investment management process," University of California, Santa Barbara, (Yeditepe Univ., Turkey)
  • David Tung (2009) “Some Contributions to Inference Based on Spacings,” University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Nathan Bennett (2011) “Some Contributions to Middle Censoring” University of California, Santa Barbara (Boehringer Ingelheim, Danbury, CT)
  • Hamid Ghofrani (2012) “Latent Degree Graph Models for social networks” University of California, Santa Barbara (Nuance Communications, Montreal)
  • Elvynna Leong (2014) “Middle censoring in the presence of covariates” University of California, Santa Barbara (Dept of Mathematics, Universiti Brunei)
  • Junjing Lin (2015) “Some Contributions to Nonparametric Bayesian Methods”, University of California, Sata Barbara, (AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, Chicago)
  • Michael Nava (2015) “A Change-point Problem and Preliminary Test Estimators” University of California, Santa Barbara (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Gaoyuan Tian (2016) “Parameter Estimation for Stable distributions: Spacings-based and Indirect inference” Spic Asset Mgt., Shanghai, China.
  • Wenlong Luo (2018) “Nonparametric Bayes Methods in Image Segmentation”, Ebay, San Francisco.
  • Jinwen Qiu (2019) “Prediction using Multivariate Bayesian Structural Time Series Model and Sentiment Analysis, with Applications to Finance”, Senior Data Analyst, Well Fargo Bank.
  • Brian Wainwright (2019) “Contributions to Directional Statistics based Clustering Methods”, Lecturer, Dept of Statistics, UCSB.
  • Bret Holladay (2019) “Contributions to Interval Estimation for Parameters of Discrete Distributions”, Lecturer, Dept. of Statistics, Califronia State university, San Louis Obispo.
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