Statistical Consulting Activities -Some sample Projects:

Consulting on statistical problems involving sampling, data gathering and data analysis to biologists, geologists, and paleontologists at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, during 1965-1969.

Instituting a statistical quality control program for a major manufacturer in Calcutta, 1967.

Sample size/number of grains to be sampled to attain specified precision in estimating certain geochemical properties of the lunar material, 1975.

Whether videotaped as opposed to live presentation of trials has an effect on the juror’s verdict; 1975 (for the Department of Forensic Studies, Indiana University).

Consulting on a wide variety of statistical issues for the faculty and graduate students at Indiana University, Bloomington, 1969-75 and University of California, Santa Barbara, since 1976.

An in-depth study of the effects of a Northern Minnesota nuclear power plant on water quality and fish populations, 1977-78. (For HDR Ecosciences Division, Santa Barbara).

The fraction of drugs seized that should be chemically examined in making decisions about the purity or strength (for State Crime Laboratory, Goleta, California, 1978).

Consulting on statistical aspects (Cox regression models etc.) for a National Cancer Institute Research grant funded through UCLA Medical School and the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, 1979.

Founded and directed the Statistical Consulting Laboratory (Statlab) at UCSB, 1980-.

Deciding the optimal height of offshore drilling platforms using historical data on extreme wave heights, 1982-83.

Sample size determination in survey research for a marketing consulting firm, 1982.

Assessing the risk of heart disease, using several related predictor variables, 1983.

Study of the ankle and knee flexion and other variables in evaluating the wellness of orthopedic surgery patients, 1984.

Study of wet deposition of acidic materials (acid rain) in South Coast air basin (for Environmental Research and Technology).

Assessment of the immunological test data in predicting possible allergy to Triatoma and Honeybee (for Santa Barbara Medical Foundation), 1985.

Longevity and safety of medical implants, involving survival analysis with censored data (for Inamed Corp., Carpinteria) 1988-90.

Endicott Environmental Monitoring Program, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Effects on snow-geese nesting and brood-rearing habitat, Effects on icebreaking/freezeup (for Science Applications International), 1989-93.

Manufacturing Processes and Quality assessment of Drugs, Manufacturing Process Engineering Division, Amgen Inc, Thousand Oaks, CA. 1997- 1998.

Validity and probability questions regarding disqualified ballots on a voter initiative, Ventura County, CA. 2008.

Quantification and validation of incremental sales due to on-line help and Web-chatting, InQ and Touch Commerce, Agoura Hills, CA. 2006-2009.

Sample size requirements to judge the effectiveness of online sales and telemarketing, Product Partners, Santa Monica, CA. 2009-2010

Risk factors for osteoporosis among Hispanics, California Hispanic Osteoporosis Foundation, Oxnard, CA. 2010-2012 

Average life-term and Mean Remaining Life of contracts when the data is right censored, SLGL Law firm, Santa Barbara, 2013  

Quantitative methods and analysis of factors in Home pricing, HomeUnion, Irvine, CA., 2014  

On probability of mail reaching successfully to the DMV, California and Confidence intervals for proportions, Hines Hampton LLP, Costa Mesa, CA. 2016.  

Child immunization rates in Elementary Schools in Santa Barbara County over time, Dr. Steven Barkley, Cottage Childrens Medial Center, Santa Barbara, 2016.  


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